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A safe room is a room made of steel panels and a special steel door that will ensure the survival of a person in extreme conditions.
In other words, it is a safe place built into any room of your apartment, house, cottage.
To perform all the functions that are assigned to the safe room, its installation must be secretive, the room is hidden inside your house. Functionally, this room is no different from any other room in your house, it has light, heating, air conditioning, air ventilation.
The use of special materials and technologies will provide such a high level of strength and reliability that it will protect people's lives from any kind of threat.
What threats are we talking about:
- military action near your home
- terrorist threat
- home invasion of criminal gangster elements
- a threat of an epidemiological nature

What protection will the safe-room provide:
- ballistic (protection against firearms, up to OZK6 (SVD sniper rifle) according to the DSTU4547 standard)
- protection against burglary using a powerful cutting tool
- anti-fragmentation
The characteristics of the safe room, its design features, equipment, will be determined by the type of events from which it protects, the time of stay, the number of people in it.


Underground steel shelter

The underground shelter is an all-steel structure, consisting of steel panels and a special door, which is installed in a pre-selected location (dug pit with a prepared foundation) and is a practical solution for providing easy access to safe living conditions.

The main purpose of the bunker is to provide a person with a long, safe, comfortable stay in a shelter during extreme regional or world events.
We are talking about military conflicts, including those involving the use of weapons of mass destruction, terrorist attacks, riots, illegal actions of criminal elements, epidemic threats.

Bunker kit can include everything you need for a long stay without compromising the usual quality of life - the bunker will match the lifestyle of the person living in it.
The presence in it of power supply and means of energy storage, air conditioning and ventilation and its filtration, heating, plumbing, television and communications, the presence of a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom will allow you to survive difficult times without unnecessary stress.

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The quality and reliability of Forpost products are confirmed by the results of tests at the Scientific and Engineering Center for Testing Products and Protection Materials (NICIIMZ) and certified by the Banking Equipment Certification Center (CSBO).

To date, all bank structures necessary to ensure the safety of employees have been certified. Bulletproof products comply with the requirements of DSTU 4546:2006 (SK2, SK3), DSTU 4547:2006 (OZK2, OZK3). Anti-burglary products comply with the requirements of DSTU EN 356:2005 (P2A, P6B), DSTU EN 1627:2004 (burglary resistance classes 1 and 2).

PE "Forpost" always promptly responds to any changes in the regulatory framework for banking protection, therefore, a program has already been developed for the modernization of existing facade windows, which allows them to be strengthened to the first class of resistance to burglary (According to DSTU EN 1627:2004, DSTU EN 356: 2005).

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