The quality and reliability of the PKP “Forpost” products are confirmed by the test results at the Scientific and Engineering Center for Testing Products and Protection Materials (NITSIMZ), as well as all products are certified by the Bank Equipment Certification Center (CSBO).

To date, all banking structures necessary to ensure the safety of employees are certified. Bulletproof products comply with the requirements of DSTU 4546: 2006 (SK2, SK3, SK6), DSTU 4547: 2006 (OZK2, OZK3, OZK6). Anti-burglary products comply with the requirements of DSTU ENV 356: 2005 (P2A, P6B), DSTU ENV 1627: 2004 (1 resistance class, 2 resistance class).

PKP “Forpost” always promptly responds to any changes in the legal framework for bank protection, so a program has already been developed to modernize existing facade windows to ensure they are strengthened to the first class of resistance to breaking (According to DSTU ENV 1627: 2004, DSTU ENV 356: 2005).

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